Monday, September 15, 2008

Go Home Ike--Tina's Not Here!

That was my favorite sign in all this hullabaloo. It was pretty clever, I thought. Ike finally left...with some bad stuff in his wake. I wasn't down here for Rita, so I'd never seen anything like this before. We evacuated to Monroe and came back yesterday to Starks with Kaleb's family. They already had power!! We rode out to check on our house and, after going some alternate routes because of water still being over the roads, found that it was fine!! Some pieces of siding blown off, but nothing major! Praise God!!! There was flooding down all roads leading to our house except one. God is faithful. However, we've heard that quite a few friends of ours have lost everything in the flooding in Bridge City. I cannot imagine how that must be. Most of them had to be rescued from their attics because of all the water in their houses. Please be praying for these families.

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